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NEUHÄUSER Magnet- und Fördertechnik is an independent company belonging to the NEUHÄUSER Group and, for over 30 years, has been a world-wide supplier of equipment and systems in the areas of automation, transportation and separation. The company employs 80 people.

The high quality of NEUHÄUSERís products is reflected in its DIN EN ISO 9001 certification. NEUHÄUSER considers this award a fundamental requirement for further improvements in quality, which form part of the companyís guidelines for achieving "Total Quality".

At NEUHÄUSER, however, "Total Quality Management" also means that the customer is the focal point of any company decision. NEUHÄUSER quickly puts the customerís demands and requirements into practice. Our flexible up-to-date technology, combined with expert advice from engineers who are constantly receiving further training and the know-how of a firm which is rich in tradition guarantee products which will perform their service with the highest degree of precision for years to come, throughout the world.

In the area of automation, NEUHÄUSER offers complete solutions and components which are co-ordinated right down to the smallest detail.

Stacking and de-stacking equipment and toothed belt and vacuum conveyors are constructed and manufactured in permanent and switchable models, according to the customerís requirements. All equipment can also be fitted with the appropriate control system or power electronics.

A further example of NEUHÄUSERís innovative technology is the newly developed and patented vacuum technology, which enables the flat or suspended transport of non-ferrous sheets and other materials. This technique, which has been successfully employed for some time in the automotive industry, can also be used in combination with NEUHÄUSERís magnetic conveyors for stacking and de-stacking.

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In the pressing and machine tool industries, NEUHÄUSER Magnet- und Fördertechnik is a much sought after partner. It all started with the patent for permanently magnetic conveyor equipment. The company has also achieved an exceptional level of performance, especially in the production of sliding conveyors, slat-band chain conveyors, scraping conveyors and rubber belt conveyors.

The experience that NEUHÄUSER has acquired over the years in this specialist field benefits automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as pressing companies and machine tool producers. NEUHÄUSER supplies conveyors for the removal of scrap metal and shavings and conveying of blanks and production parts.

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NEUHÄUSER is well-known for its innovative and flexible technology. The production programme allows both standardised and customised solutions to be developed. Examples include pressed part conveyors with an extensive range of adjustable settings and patented curved continuous or rubber belt conveyors.

Belt conveyor technology has a wide range of uses. It is employed in a number of different ways in the packaging and drinks industries as well as by automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

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NEUHÄUSER provides ideal solutions for the processing of cooling lubricants. These include automatic magnet filters, compact and paper tape filters, and equipment developed according to customer specifications, such as coolant processing equipment with conveyor facilities, preliminary and main filters, coolant tanks with pumps and cooling apparatus, along with the appropriate control systems.

NEUHÄUSERís range of products for separating iron from bulk materials includes both manual and automatic separating devices and equipment, from permanently magnetic plates and filter grates to suspended magnets, separation drums and chutes, conveyor drums and much more.

Separating equipment is used by producers and operators of spraying equipment, mills, the plastics and recycling industries, gravel quarries and mines and the textile and wood processing industries. NEUHÄUSER meets the requirements of complex orders with various components. A wide range of electrically-operated permanent magnet systems are available, to which can be added the corresponding electronic control systems, fanning magnets for fanning open stacks during de-stacking procedures and permanently magnetic conveyors and holding systems.

NEUHÄUSER also installs complete systems with all the necessary accessories. After being assembled, NEUHÄUSER engineers put the system into operation and ensure its performance is optimised, as quality is the top priority with all of NEUHÄUSERís projects. 

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